Description of elements

Beams I and If (I filaments) are horizontal supporting elemnts of prestressed concrete, they have constant height and secondary roof elemnets rely on them (e.g. TT slabs or purlins). On them can also rely roof rails named ’Opera’, as well the horizontal crane rails. Drainage of storm water drain is solved through a special opening that is formed by connecting two near beams. Reliance of the beam endings is done through the neoprene bearing. Connection between beasm endings is done through the neoprene bearing.Connection between beams and pillars is done through reinforcing bars which are attached to the pillars, and are pulled trough the openings at the ends of the beams during montage. The openings then meet with Cement mortar.

Beams typo I

The standard width of B=50-60cm and height of H=80-120cm. These types are characterized by rectangular (full) cross-section at the point of support. The beams width of B=60-70cm and height of H=150cm are characterized by ‘I’ cross-section at the point of support.

Beams typo If

Standarden širine B=50-60cm i visine H=80-90-90cm su konstantnog poprečnog preseka.