Description of elements

Prefabricated collars and footings that are made on the spot together form footings for precast columns. The use of prefabricated collars significantly reduces the time of implementation of single foundations and can make the construction deadlines shorter. The collars are positioned above the lean concrete and then (with the pre-laying of proper reinforcing) concrete is poured on-site, creating a base footing dimensioned according to static calculation. If defined to be carried vertically through rainwater pipes in the very pillars, on the collars are left outlet openings for rainwater. Depending on the load that needs to be carried and the cross-section of the pillars, three types of collars are made: S, M, XL according to the characteristics shown in the PDF specification. It is possible to produce double collars, as well as prefabricated concrete loading ramps.


For lifting and moving of prefabricated collars, what is usually done during fabrication process is leaving the openings in the walls of the collar, through which is later on placed metal rod which can be used to hang the ropes. Positioning is facilitated by the presence of notch on the wall that marks the center of the collars itself.


Collars is placed on the top surface of the footings, after checking the verticality and alignment tube for drainage of rainwater. The space between the column and collar is filled with concrete of adequate strength which enables them to work together in static terms.