Description of elements

Vertical structural elements, carry horizontal elements of the roof and plate floor. The cross-sections of the pillars are square or rectangular shape, which is sized according to structural analysis. If necessary, it is possible to add consoles (short elements) for a beam and cranes in accordance with the required capacity (from 5 to 100t).

Martini Gradnja has to ability to create short concrette elements (console) from all four sides of the pillar, as well as the fabricated pillars of variable cross-section and height up to 32m. Pilars can be monolithic or they can be continued (in-multi-story buildings). They are motaged in the collars oundations or anchor bolts. As on option, when fabricating pillars, there is the possibility to build in PVC pipe in the axiak column to drain storm water. At the request of a customer, pillars with ’’fork’’ ending are supplied.

proizvodnja betonskih stubova