Description of elements

Martini Gradnja in its manufacturing subsidiary have plate floor type of IFLED of prestressed concrete. As with other prefabricated plate floors, for montage of them it is necessary to do monolithically. IFLED plate floor is characterized by large span ability and elemnts of great carrying capacity. Since the prestressing tendons are in well-defined bands, the plate floors are suitabel for placing installation holes (duct). Best use of these elements in in multi-storage, garages and shopping centers where the spans of 8x16m are often used, because the usage of this construction brings significant rationalization in the number of elements used, while it allows faster montage. Also, they are used for flat roof. At the opening on the upper surface of formed IFLED, profiled sheets are placed, after which follows the procedure of monolithically sheets are placed, after which follows the procedure of monolithically.

For a standard width of 250cm, there can be four element heights H=30cm, H=40cm, H=50cm i H=60cm.
At the instance of, IFLED element has a fire resistance up to 120 R’ (norm. UNI 9502).


Supporting of structures is achieved by neoprene bearings. Length of suppoting structures should not be less than 18cm. In realization of a stabiliying plate,the upper surface are grouted with concrete of class not les than 30N/mm2, granulometric composition of 0-12. Minimum bed of monolythisation is 5cm.