Description of elements

Precast concrete panels are an adequate solution in the production of external walls, parapet walls (in combination with sandwich panels), partition walls and fire walls. They can be montaged horizontally, vertically or in combination. They are manufactured with or without isolation.

Montage of horizontal and vertical panels

The first row of panels relies on the tops of collars and can be montaged on the outside, inside, or between the pillars. The first row of panels on a level floor has wire extensions that are attached to the floor slab in the process of drafting the floor. Sealing vertical and horizontal joints is secured using elastomeric sealants. Attaching the panels to the pillars is performed by certified steel anchor that is installed in panels and pillars in the stage production.

The types of external surfaces

  • set of untreated gray concrete;
  • project by gum mold;
  • set of river gravel;
  • pick hammering surface of the granules of marble;
  • rough surface of the granules of marble;
  • strips that look like wall of bricks.
Prefabrikovani Betonski Paneli